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 Homoeopathic Repertorisation Software




This is  a  Single User Software   designed to help   Homoeopathic  Doctors  to  carefully  select  the   similimum – the   most    suited remedy  in a  case -  out of hundreds  of major remedies and many rare remedies, which they come across in their practice.     Simple to Use. Fully MOUSE CLICK ENABLED, WINDOWS BASED  Only basic Computer knowledge is essential. Also this software occupies only a small volume of your hard disk.


Repertories included are


Homoeopathic Materia Medica and Repertory by William Boericke


Boenninghausen's Therapeutic Pocketbook


Boenninghausen's Characteristic Repertory


Repertory of the Homoeopathic  Materia Medica   by Dr.J.T.Kent


Repertory to Hering's Guiding Symptoms   by Dr.C.B.Knerr


A Synoptic Key to Materia Medica  by Dr.C.M.Boger.


All Major Materia Medica as given in the contents page.



Features include Repertorisation, Eliminative Repertorisation, Miasmatic Repertorisation, Materia Medica from pioneers, Comparative Materia Medica,  Drug essence, Relationship of remedies, Homoeopathic Philosophy, Clinical Experiences from Masters, Classical Articles,  Diet Restrictions in Homoeopathy, Patient Case Management, Taking Patient Case by referring to the respective Organ, Case Reviewing on each visit, Maintenance of Patient Directory, Treatment Directory, Creation of Doctors own repertories etc.


Special Features include Human Anatomy, Physiology, Human diseases, Medical Manual, Nutrition, First Aids, Food restrictions in diseases, Medical Dictionary, English Dictionary, Thesaurus etc. Study of Material Medica through Repertory, A multiple choice questions in a quiz format covering entire organs of all Repertories is included.


System Requirements For This Software


PC with 2 GB RAM or higher with 5GB  free space, color monitor, CD drive, with optional printer.


The Operating System


This works on your Home PC with windows. No internet connection is required. MOUSE ENABLED, WINDOWS BASED 


Installation Of The Software


No installation is required for DEMO version. The demo software and full version works only from C:\HRES drive of your computer.  Demo HRES(hres.rar)  can be downloaded from the website, copied to C:\ drive and unzipped to C:\ drive.  Type/double click HRES.exe(for demo type/double click ldemo.exe) at C:\HRES and press enter key to run the software. Downloading instructions may be followed. Help keys are provided at the respective menu pages.  Only limited data is given in DEMO version. Search of  all rubrics will not be available. However all the features of the full version are available in DEMO version. For help, refer to user manual or any query, Please contact at info@homeosoftware.com.





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