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Flowchart: Terminator:     ContentsThis Software(HRES) could help Homoeopathic Doctors to carefully select the similimum- the most suited remedy in a case - out of hundreds of major remedies and many rare remedies, which they come across in their practice. Simple to Use. Computer knowledge not essential.



Flowchart: Terminator: Screen ShotsFlowchart: Terminator:    Contact usFlowchart: Terminator:   PurchaseFeatures include Repertorisation, Eliminative Repertorisation, Miasmatic Repertorisation, Materia Medica, Comparative Materia Medica,  Drug essence, Relationship of remedies, Homoeopathic Philosophy, Clinical Experiences from Masters, Classical Articles,  Diet Restrictions in Homoeopathy, Taking Patient Case by referring to the respective Organ, Case Reviewing on each visit, Maintenance of Patient Directory, Treatment Directory, Creation of Doctors own repertories etc.


Explosion 1: Download Demo Zip fileSpecial Features include Human Anatomy, Physiology, Human diseases, Medical Manual, Nutrition, First Aids, Food restrictions in diseases, Medical Dictionary, English Dictionary, Thesaurus etc.



                                               System Requirements for this software


PC with 32 Mb RAM or higher with 1000 Mb free space, color monitor, CD drive, with optional printer.



To View Demo Version, Click above and Download the Zip file to your Computer and Unzip to C:\hres. At C:\hres, double click hres.exe in windows OR Type hres in DOS to run the Software. No mouse click.Keyboard may be used instead ! Please feel free to Contact Us for any help. Thank You !                  The Operating system


Explosion 1:   User ManualYou  can work in Windows or  DOS . No mouse click. Keyboard may be used instead. Even if  the Windows Operating System  is  out, You can work with this software in DOS. Also this software occupies a small volume of your hard disk with all those books Listed in this manual.

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